Brinkmann Flashlight

Outdoor Lighting Source has a major focus to provide quality lighting products, services, and advice to the do-it-yourself consumer. With the provision of the fine Brinkmann flashlight, 12-volt spotlights, architectural, deck & patio, garden, landscape or solar lighting products Outdoor Lighting Source pledges to help make customers' lighting projects a success and the installation experience is a pleasantly simple one. Outdoor Lighting Source offers the industry's complete range of Brinkmann flashlight products, low voltage spotlights, fixture styles, finishes, lamps, and mounting options to compliment landscapes of all types and sizes. Customers may make a selection from the over 320 fixture designs in aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, or industrial composites.

The elegant and functional Brinkmann flashlight is well-known for its quality, reliability, and durability. Brinkman Q-Beam has set the industry standard with its unique Brinkmann flashlight and its marine spotlights. Outdoor Lighting Source offers a Brinkmann Q-Beam flashlight spotlight section, which consists of a variety of powerful handheld Brinkmann flashlight options, as well as a marine spotlight section containing a wide choice of powerful boat mount units.

Outdoor Lighting Source offers Brinkmann flashlights for handheld situations and the standard mounted fixtures, which require the use of a transformer. A transformer will change the standard 120 volts from the homeowner's power outlet to the 12-volts needed for these outdoor lights. More importantly, low voltage lights can be installed by anyone as the electrical code does require an electrician's services. Outdoor Light Source's low voltage 12-volt spotlight does not require conduit for the low voltage cable. The 12-volt spotlight from Outdoor Lighting Source will tastefully and attractively highlight the beautiful features of a landscaped garden while allowing safe walking around gardens at night. A handheld Brinkmann flashlight is also a useful solution for a late night stroll through a prized landscaped garden, around the owner's dock and over his boat.

Outdoor Lighting Source provides an extremely useful sealed beam 7.36 amp spotlight which produces 200,000 CP and features a red filter and a lens hood for nighttime vision. These sealed beam Marine 12-volt Spotlights have high power bulbs and have full swivel/tilt capability making them a great addition to a boat or an all-terrain vehicle. Outdoor Lighting Source offers the noted Brinkmann flashlight for use in the home, the basement, the garage, and the hard to get cupboard and other spaces. The Brinkmann flashlight casts a long and bright beam and users can see for yards in front of them and avoid trips and falls over unexpected objects.

Most of the Brinkman marine spotlights are powered by a 12-volt lighter plug adapter or have battery clips and each Brinkman 12-volt spotlight comes with a one year manufacturer's limited warranty. Customers looking for durable high quality Brinkmann flashlight products should keep checking the Outdoor Lighting Source online site for the latest information and prices.

The 2117 is shipped with a standard 20 watt MR 16 lamp, unless otherwise specified, specified 50 watt specialty light.